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A little about me


Ph.D. in Religious Studies (Religion in the Americas: American Judaism), Arizona State University.

M.A. in Religious Studies, Arizona State University. Master's Thesis: The Holy, The Hypocrites and the Ecclesia: Constructing Identity in the Didache (2006)

B.A. in Religious Studies, Arizona State University (2003)


"Accounting for 'Judaism' in the Study of American Messianic Judaism," Ph.D. Dissertation, Arizona State University, November, 2015.

"Blurring the Boundaries: American Messianic Jews and Gentiles." Spec. issue of Nova Religio 15.1 (2011): 69-91.

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"Marginality and Messianic Judaism," American Academy of Religion Western Commission (AAR/WR), Santa Clara, CA, March 2009.

"Blurring the Boundaries: Apostasy, Counter-Assimilation and the American Messianic Jew," Western Jewish Studies Association Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA, April 2008.

"Jealousy in the Hebrew Bible," WECSOR, Pasadena, California, March 2008.

"The Holy, the Hypocrites and the Ecclesia: Uncovering Identity in the Didache," WECSOR, Berkeley, California 2007.

Courses Taught

World Religions; Introduction to Judaism; Ritual, Symbol & Myth; Approaches to Religion; American Religious Traditions